Video: How to create a new ION_Data database in PME


28 September 2021

User wants to detach the existing ION_Data database and create a new database

Power Monitoring Expert 7.2.x
Power Monitoring Expert 8.x
Power Monitoring Expert 9.0
Database manager

*Warning: Take backups of any files prior to modifying them. Ensure the backups are in a location that will not be overwritten (i.e. the Desktop).*
*Warning: Irreparable database damage can occur. This procedure should only be performed by users familiar with SQL Server Management Studio. Databases should be backed up prior to performing this procedure.*

1. Backup the ION_Data database
2. Stop the ION/ApplicationModules/Schneider services in the Windows Services Console.
3. Open SQL Management Studio. Under the Databases folder, right click on ION_Data and select Tasks>Detach to detach the ION_Data database.
4.  If possible, rename/move the .mdf and .ldf files that were detached.
5. Open Database Manager. (You can access the application from Management Console or by navigating to "...\Schneider Electric\Power Monitoring Expert\system\bin\Database Manager.exe")
    In Database Manager, right click "Databases" and select "New ION Databases..."
6. Use the name ION_Data if possible and select the location for the new .ldf and .mdf files.
7. Click the OK button.
8. Use the Database Manager to attach the existing ION_Data database as ION_Data_Archive if you wish to do so.
    Instructions on treating the existing ION_Data database as an archive can be found in FA214016.
9. Start services stopped in Step 2.