What type of graphic files can be imported into Vijeo Citect.


30 September 2021

 In Vijeo Citect, the Graphics Builder has several file format filters to allow you to import graphics from other applications. Such as drafting programs, illustration programs, presentation packages, scanners, etc. 
After a graphic is imported, you can use the graphics builder to edit the image. Graphics files can be dragged from a third party application (such as Windows Explorer), and dropped onto a page in the Graphics Builder.
By default, unavailable colors in an imported bitmap are dithered. To disable this feature, choose Tools|Options in the Graphics Builder, and clear the dither bitmaps on paste option. If dithering is disabled, unavailable colors are replaced by the closest match in your color palette. 

Apart from that certainly other types of graphic images can also get imported into Vijeo Citect.The type of graphics file formats that Vijeo Citect supports are as follows:
1. Windows 3.0 bitmaps (*.BMP, *.DIB, *.RLE)
2. PCX format bitmaps (*.PCX)
3. Text files (*.TXT)
4. AutoCAD DXF Files (*.DXF), 2D only. The binary format is also supported.
5. Windows metafiles (*.WMF)
6. Encapsulated Postscript (*.EPS)
7. Fax Image (*.FAX)
8. Ventura Image (*.IMG)
9. JPEG (*.JPG, *.JIF, *.JFF, *.JGE)
10. Photo CD (*.PCD)
11. Portable Network Graphic (*.PNG). (PNG files with alpha channels are not supported.)
12. Targa (*.TGA)
13. Tagged Image Format (*.TIF)
14. WordPerfect (*.WPG)