Video: What is the mySchneider app and how can I get it?


28 April 2023

Delivering a best-in-class app for 24/7 self-service, with tailored services and easy connection to expert help

We have reimagined our popular Customer Care mobile app to target our customers’ needs, exceed their expectations, and enlarge the possibilities of offering one must-have app delivering the most transversal services from Schneider Electric.

The new mySchneider app offers tailored services, 24/7 self-service, and easy access to expert support and information. Its new interface design and imagery show a variety of work situations, emphasizing the app’s wide-ranging usefulness.

Tailored Service:
The new “Tailored Services” options for registered customers provide a customized point of entry into the Schneider Electric digital app ecosystem. Register within the mySchneider app for personalized advanced customer support, real-time notifications, order tracking, product price and availability and more.  

24/7 Self-service features:
mySchneider app provides free, immediate access to a wide palette of technical and support information: updated technical content, including FAQs, product documentation, environmental information with Green Premium eco-label, public prices, and technical courses.

Connect to Schneider Electric:
When self-service isn’t enough, mySchneider app provides easy access to expert assistance. You can connect directly to a Customer Care Center via a “one-touch” or via email.

Committed to providing the best service:
At Schneider Electric, we’re always striving to offer you the best service. Our mySchneider app is the latest addition to a digital toolbox designed to enhance your work. The app is available now for iOS™ and Android™ devices, in 21 languages. We plan to include other languages as well as new functionality in future updates.

Download now and register in the app to access more features and recommended services.

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