What does the B mean at the end of an ATV312 part number? (example: ATV312HU22N4B)


20 July 2022

What does the "B" suffix mean at the end of an ATV312 part number?

Product Line:
ATV312 / Altivar 312

All models


The B indicates the drive was built (and shipped) without the control terminal card installed.  This is done for customers who normally use one of the serial communication option cards on the ATV312 drive.  It allows them to reduce their cost and waste by purchasing the drive without the terminal card that would have to be discarded when the option card is installed.

The terminal card is available to order if needed.   Part number VW3A31201.

Possible Communication card part numbers are:
VW3A31207 - Profibus
VW3A31208 - CANopen Daisy Chain
VW3A31209 - DeviceNet

NOTE: The ATV312 product has been discontinued for several years.  Please consider an ATV320 as a replacement or one of our other products.