How can I increase the max speed on an Altivar 12 above 60 hz?


28 September 2021

Max speed above 60Hz on Altivar 12

Product line:
Altivar 12, ATV12



From main display of RDY, push the enter button (dial) and turn the dial to CONF.  Push enter and then scroll to FULL.  Push enter and scroll down to DRC.  Push enter and scroll down to TFR. 

When the drive is initially setup as 60Hz, the TFR changes to 72 by default.  Increase TFR to the max frequency you want to be able to run the motor at.  Push Enter to save.

Escape back until you see FULL.  Then scroll up to HSP.  Push enter and change the High speed to the maximum speed you want the drive to run.  The analog signal by default will follow LSP to HSP values.