Will an Altivar drive run with Output phase loss set to YES and single phase input to the drive?


05 July 2022

Is it possible to run an ATV312 drive with Output phase loss set to YES and with a single phase input to the drive?

Product Line: 
All single-phase input ATV312 drives

ATV312 drives

Detection is looking for ripple voltage only

Resolution:   Per Level 3 Tech Support in France:
 This is how the ATV312 drive detects a Mains Input Phase Loss.  This detection is only done by software, by measuring the ripple voltages on the DC bus.  For this size of drive, if the ripple is over 26V, a fault occurs.  That means that if there is no load on your motor, there is no bus ripple on the DC bus and of course there is no fault.

The PHF fault is only present on the ATV312's to protect the ripple on the capacitors, to avoid an explosion.

There is no hardware detection, which is the  same as in ATV71, to detect if the main wires are present or not. This detection needs additional hardware components and will raise the price of the product.  But your drive can run safety, protected by this function.

Another case where the detection is not so much operational, when your drive runs with small motor.

In this case, even with heavy load there is no ripple voltage on your DC bus, because the capacitors are so big, you will detect an input phase loss.