How far can you remote mount the remote HMI or VW3A1101 keypad?


11 July 2023

Max. distance that the VW3A1101 can be mounted?

Product Line:
Altivar ATV61 and ATV71 with a VW3A1102 remote mounting kit.



We offer remote cable options up to 10 meters in length.  
Please keep in mind we cannot recommend that the HMI will work with any cable above 10 meters.  

We offer 4 cable options:
1 meter    VW3A1104R10
3 meter    VW3A1104R30
5 meter    VW3A1104R50
10 meter  VW3A1104R100

If you want to try running a longer cable, you can try using a standard CAT 5 type cable to connect between the remote HMI and the Drive. Some OEMs have ran cables up to 200 feet however they had to add an external power supply to compensate the long cable length ( See the attachment for OEM example of 200 ft cable run). We cannot recommend doing this, but we've been informed that it has been done.