How do you configure an ATV61 or ATV71 series drive to trigger a freewheel stop via a logic input terminal?


04 September 2023

ATV61 or ATV71 setup to trigger a freewheel stop via a logic input terminal
Product Line:
Altivar 61, Altivar 71 series.
All models, All serial numbers
Need an input assigned as Emergency Stop or Run Permissive.
From the main menu, set your access level to either Advanced or Expert.  If your access level is not Advanced or Expert, you will not have access to the parameters necessary to create this function.
From the main menu, navigate to the drive menu and then to menu 1.7, Application Function.  Press enter here and scroll down to Stop Configuration and press Enter.  Scroll down to Freewheel Stop Assignment and press enter.   Select the logic input you wish to use to trigger the freewheel stop function and press enter.
Freewheel stop is an active low function, so once a logic input is assigned to this function, the function will be active any time +24V is NOT present on that logic input (in source mode) and anytime the logic input is not connected to common (In sink mode).   Factory default mode for the drive is Source mode and it requires a physical switch on the terminal interface card be moved to switch to sink mode.
When Freewheel stop is active the drive display will show nSt in the upper left corner.  You will not be able to start the motor until that contact is closed and drive shows RDY.