Why does my EVlink Charger make a humming or buzzing noise and what can I do to fix it?


28 September 2021

Electric vehicle charging station is making a humming or buzzing noise.  Is that normal?  Can it be fixed?

Product Line:
EVlink Electric Vehicle Charging Stations (EVSE)

EVlink Charger

Humming or Buzzing Noise

The source of the humming or buzzing noise is likely the electrical contactor. The most common cause is a small amount of debris or dust on the mechanism of the contactor causing the movable portion to not seat perfectly and vibrate.  This is not uncommon for unsealed contactor products.  Cleaning the contactor can be performed by a qualified person working on the equipment in a de-energized state with Isopropyl alcohol or compressed air.
The buzzing or humming sound may clear itself over time and does not prevent proper charging of the connected EV, but the sound may be disconcerting.