How can you program the ATV61 or ATV71 drive so that you can run the drive without a motor connected to it?


23 January 2021

How can ATV61 or ATV71 drive run without the motor been connected to it?

Product Line:
Altivar ATV61 ATV71


Needs to test the drive to see if there is a problem with the drive by running the drive open circuit, without the motor connected to it.

Under Drives menu, go to menu 1.8 Fault management.
Find Output Phase Loss, and set to NO

If the drive is an ATV71, go to menu 1.4 Motor Control
Find Motor Control Type, and set to V/F 2pts

Note: Make sure to set Output Phase Loss back to yes after testing is done.   Wear necessary protective equipment while testing with OPL set to off, voltage and current will be available at the output terminals of drive