Can I use a single Altivar drive with 2 motors that are coupled to the same load if the RPM of the motors is different?


12 April 2022

Is it possible to use one drive with two motors that have differente RPM ratings. 

Product Line:
All Altivar drives.

All models, All serial numbers.

Customer had a load sharing application with identical motors.  One motor failed and had to be replaced but an identical replacement was not available.  The RPM of the replacement motor does not match the RPM of the remaining original motor.

No, this is not recommended.  With both motors being powered from the same drive, they will both receive the same frequency.  The RPM rating of the motor states the number of revolutions per minute the motor will spin when powered with standard frequency power.  If the RPM does not match between motors then the motors will be turning at different speeds when both receive the same frequency power.  This will cause one motor to handle more of the load than the other.