What components of the ATS48 are conformal coated in the standard unit and is there an option available for additional conformal coating?


21 February 2022

ATS48 conformal coated components

Product Line:
ATS48 series soft starts

All models of ATS48 and ATS48XXXXXS338

Information not available in current literature.


Standard ATS48 version has:
- most of the elements of control board coated (except relays, display, some capacitors)
- some of the elements (IC's and others) of power board coated.
This standard coating makes the ATS48 conformed to the environment standard: IEC 60664-1, Pollution Degree 3.
These unit are available in the United States

Special ATS48 version (you can order it by the reference with S338 at the end, ex.: ATS48C25YS338 ) has:
- enforced conformal coating.
This special ATS48xxxxS338 version conforms to: IEC60721-3-3 class 3C1 for aggressive ambience.
These units has NOT been released for sale in the United States