What do the breaker status flags on a Masterpact NW indicate?


28 September 2021

Why do the flags on a Masterpact NW indicate Charged and Not-OK when it is charged and open? 

Product Line:
Air Circuit breakers

Masterpact NW

Breaker flags indicate whether or not the breaker is open or closed, whether the springs are charged or not, and if the breaker will close with a close command.
The flags will indicate charged and OK only if the following conditions are met:
  • Breaker is open and charged
  • Shunt trip (if present) is NOT energized
  • UVR (if present) is energized
  • There is no padlock in place
  • Keylock (if present) is in operable position
  • Other interlocks such as spring-discharge and rod/cable interlocks are satisfied