Video: How to recover the system on the HMIGTU Series?


08 March 2023

Video: How to recover the system on the Harmony/Magelis HMIGTU Series?
Product Line:
The goal of this resolution is to provide the system recovery resource that can be used to backup and recover the Harmony/Magelis HMIG3U, HMIG3X, HMIG5U, HMIG5U2, and HMIG5U22. All the HMIGTU (except HMIG2U) series have their firmware stored on a System CFast or System SD Card.
1) Power off the HMIGTU.
2) Remove the System CFast or System SD card from the HMIGTU (this SD card slot is labeled "SYSTEM CARD" on the outer casing of the HMI).
3) Insert the CFast or System SD into a CFast (Type 1.0) or SD Card Reader on your office PC.
4) Launch the Backup Recovery Tool (BackupRecovery.exe).
5) In the "File Name" field, choose the recovery image file (.bin) for your type of HMIGTU.
6) Select the Drive Letter from the dropdown list to match that of your CFCard or SD Card that you inserted.
7) Click "Recovery" and then [Yes] when you are prompted to continue this process
8) The .bin image will be written to the CFast or SD card. Please wait and do not remove the CFast or SD Card during this time.
9) Once the process is done, a message will appear "Quit he application, and eject the disk from the PC."
10) Eject the CFast or SD card from your PC
11) Insert it back into the HMIGTU's system slot (the one close to the screen-mount side)
12) Power on the HMIGTU as per normal.
Attached are:
Backup Recovery Tool - "BackupRecovery.exe"
Backup Recovery User Manual - "Backup Recovery User Manual.pdf"
Pre-made image for HMIG3U saved in Vijeo Designer 6.2 SP8 - "HMIG3U.bin"
Pre-made image for HMIG3X saved in Vijeo Designer 6.2 SP9 - "HMIG3X.bin"
NOTE: HMIG5U, HMIG5U2, and HMIG5U22 images are too large to upload. Please contact support at to ask for a direct download ticket link.