ATV212 or ATV21 - How do you set up the drive to run multiple motors


20 July 2022

Setting up ATV212 or ATV21 to run multiple motors

Product Line:
 ATV212 drives
ATV21 drives
S-Flex enclosed drives

 The drive must be sized for the combined FLA of all motors.  There needs to be external overload protection for each motor, and the overloads need to be wired so that if any of them trip, the drive will be shut down. 
In the drive, set the drive's motor current parameter(F415) to the combined FLA of all motors.  Turn off the Output Phase Loss ( F605): the overload relays will provide single phase protection for the motors.
All motors must start and stop together and will run at the same speed.
It is not acceptable to start or stop a single motor while the drive is controlling other motors.