Why does the R1 relay not change state on the ATS48 Softstart?


27 July 2022

R1 relay not changing state on the ATS48

Product Line:
Altistart  48, ATS48

All models and serial numbers

Programming or other conditions.

The R1 relay can be programmed in the IO menu, parameter r1, as a fault relay or an isolation relay.
If r1 = r1F, fault relay, at powerup it will close to indicate no fault.  At a fault condition, it will open.  r1F is the default setting for the R1 relay.
If r1 = r1I, isolation relay, it will close only when a run command is active.  It is generally used to control an isolation contactor that feeds main power to the ATS48.  

Note that if the Automatic Restart, ArS in the PrO menu, is set to ON, the fault relay opening at fault will be delayed until the unit has gone through the automatic restart phase and fails to restart.