Loom Switch


30 September 2021

What was a loom switch and what has replaced this product?

Product Line:
2510TBL2, 2510TBL21, 2510TBL22

US Product

These switches are no longer current, but they are active in the field and occasionally need to be replaced.

"Loom switches"  were manual motor starters housed in a special enclosure which would not let cotton fibers or other textile fibers enter.  In addition, these were some of the first switches approved for group motor applications (many looms running on separate manual starters with a singular disconnect).  These switches have effectively been replaced by NEMA 12 enclosed manual switches with group motor ratings. NEMA 12 meets the loom switch lint protection requirement.   Specifically, the 2510MBA1 and the 2510MBA2 would replace the 2510TBL1/2510MBL1 and the 2510TBL2/2510MBL2 respectively.