Why will the ATV312 drive not run the motor with a run command present?


05 September 2023

The ATV312 drive will not run the motor, with a run command present. 

Product Line:

No output voltage

Verity line voltage and control voltage is present:

  • Measure AC line voltage phase to phase 
  • Measure DC voltage between the +24 terminal and the COM terminal 

Verify mode of operation remote or local modes:

  • If the red LED's on the left-hand side of the drive's display are:
    • Off- The drive is in remote (terminal) control 
    • Scrolling (flashing in sequence)- The drive is in local control 
    • Flashing together- The drive is in local, programming mode. It will not run in this mode. Hold down the ESC key for 2-3 seconds to return to local mode

Verify the run command is valid: Measure DC voltage between LI1/LI2 and COM 
Verify the speed reference is valid: Meaure DC voltage between AI1/AI2 and COM
Verify the drive state and status: ​i.e. RDY state, faulted, or some other state.