LUA1C vs LUFN What's the difference and how many blocks can we add in to the Tesys U line base?


30 September 2021

Issue:  What is the difference between the LUA1C and LUFN contact blocks? And how many can be used in the tesys U starter?

Product Line:
All Schneider Electric products

Products sold and used in the United States

Cause: Selecting auxiliary contact modules for the tesys u motor starter line.

Resolution: The LUA1C modules will have aready condition contact and a fault condition contact, while the LUFN has contacts that are both pole state contacts. For example the LUA1C20 has a ready condition and a fault condition contact; one contact is closed in ready and run, the other one is open in off ready and run but closed in short circuit trip or overload trip. The LUFN20 are both pole state contacts; if the coil is powered and the poles are closed these contacts are closed. There is a table (18.115) on page 18-28 of the digest 176 to illustrate this.