What are the possible causes of NLP status on an ATV12 drive?


11 October 2022

Why is NLP status showing on an ATV12 drive?

Product Line:
ATV12, Altivar 12


Drive will not run when it is tripped on NLP.

NLP means no line power or no line voltage.   The drive thinks that there is no input voltage coming into the drive.
Check and verify the line voltage on L1 L2 L3 of the drive.  Go to the MON menu and check the ULn (Mains voltage) to see what the drive thinks the main voltage is.
Verify DC bus voltage on PA+ and PC-.  Compare your DC bus voltage measurement to see if it matches the Mains voltage in the MON ULn display.
For example: For 230V rated drive the DC bus should read 324VDC.