How can I program an ATV312 for PI control?


30 June 2023

How do I configure the Pressure or PI [PID Regulator] control configuration in the ATV312?

Product Line:
ATV312 ALtivar 312

All model numbers

Activating PID control

Several factory default functions are incompatible with PI control so they must first be deactivated before PI control can be set up.
First, go to the FUN menu and turn off the Summing and un-assign summing inputs.
From the FUn- menu, SAI submenu, make sure SA2 and SA3 are both set to NO (by default SA2 is set to AI2).
Then go to FUN menu and turn off the Preset Speed function.
Go to FUn- menu,  PSS submenu, set PS4 to NO (default is LI4) and then set PS2 to NO (default is LI3).
You will not be able to set PS2 to No until after PS4 had been changed to No, so be sure to do it in the order listed.

Then you should have access to the PI Submenu.
Set PI parameters:
FUn - PI - PIF = AIx where x is the analog input for the PID feedback - Typically AI3 if the feedback signal is a mA input or AI1 if the signal is DC Voltage.
FUn - PI - PII = YES for internal setpoint adjustment
FUn - PI - rPI = reference setpoint as a % of the feedback full range

Example:  Transducer is a 0-120 PSI sensor and the customer wants to maintain 60 PSI....The rPI parameter would be set to 50% (half of the sensor range.
If the setpoint was 80PSI then the rPI parameter would be set to 67%  (80psi/120psi=.667 or 67%)

Also consider:
FUn - PI - PIC = YES to reverse the PID correction so that a low feedback results in a slower VFD speed to correct
Sleep/Wake function by setting SEt - tLS = low speed timeout and PI - rSL = wake threshold

ATV312 Programming Manual