How to program an ATV61/71 drive to show speed as percentage instead of frequency?


28 September 2021

Programming an ATV61/71 drive to show speed as percentage instead of frequency.

Product Line:
ATV61, ATV71

All models and serial numbers



Show Output Frequency As a Percentage
  1. go to menu 2 , Access level = advanced or expert
  2. go to menu 7 , Display config menu
  3. go to menu 7.1, User parameters menu
  4. go to "Parameter selection"; choose Menu 1.2 [Monitoring]. 
  5. Select “Output Frequency”
  6. Esc until come back to the 7.1 User parameters menu
  7. Go to the "Customized selection "
  8. Select “Output Frequency”
  9. If you want to change the name from “Output Frequency to Output Percentage
    1. Choose “User Name”
    2. Turn the thumb wheel to scroll to the letter “O” then press the F3 button to move the cursor to the rightmost position, repeat selecting the next letter.  (note: to move back press F2 and to end and save this custom name press enter)
  10. Select “Unit” and select “%”
  11. Select “Multiplier” and enter “10”
  12. Select “Divisor” and select “6”
  13. Press Esc back to the MAIN MENU
  14. Press enter on the DRIVE MENU.
  15. Scroll to the MONITORING menu and press enter
  16. Scroll to the customized “User Name” you entered above.
  17. You should see the output frequency shown as a percentage.