Can you provide any information referencing reliability and probability of failure for the 9001KR1UH13 and 9001KR9P35RH25 devices?


19 July 2022

Can you provide any mean time to failure or reliability information for the  9001K/SK/KX 30 mm Push Buttons?

Product Line: 
Signaling units 30mm Harmony 9001SK/K/KX push buttons, pilot lights

Unique to the Control and signaling Units 30mm Harmony, Control and signaling XB4/XB5 Push buttons and pilot lights

Operation not specified.

This device is an electro-mechanical device, it has only been tested for the mechanical operations. The information regarding electrical reliability cannot be provided without knowing exactly how many electrical operations these devices will be subjected to. In theory, these devices will remain functional for an extended period without being depressed but each electrical operation is specific to their function and implementation.