Video: How can I increase the starting torque on the ATS22?


10 June 2022

Is there a way to adjust the torque to get the motor moving from a start position?

Product line:  
Altistart 22, ATS22

All models, all serial numbers

The default settings in the ATS22 cannot produce enough torque to ramp up the Soft Starter, which could lead to overcurrent, overload or excessive starting time faults.

Increasing the parameters below can aid in providing more breakaway torque to get the motor moving and up to speed.

SET Menu:
Parameter T90 - Initial Voltage.  This value is adjustable from 10% to 50% of the full voltage, in increments of 5%.  Factory setting is 30%. 
Parameter ILt - Current limit.  This is the maximum current allowed during the startup.  It is adjustable up to 700% of the Motor Rated Current (In parameter).  The maximum value is 350% of the Soft Starter rated current (IcL parameter).  Factory setting is 350%.

ADJ Menu: (To access the ADJ menu, LAC parameter under the SET menu must be set to "on")
Parameter bSt - Boost Time.  This provides an 80% pulse of the Line voltage (UIn parameter) for 0.0 to 1.0 seconds.  Factory setting is 0.0.