Why will the Enclosed Altistart 22 product selector not allow selection of Pilot Light Cluster C07?


28 July 2022

The product selector will not allow selection of MOD C07.

Product Line:
Enclosed 22 Soft Start

Enclosed 22 Soft Starts with Power Circuit B05 or S05

Attempting to combine Power Circuits B05 or S05 with Pilot Light Cluster C07.

Shunt Trip Power Circuits B05 ( Basic Shunt Trip ) and S05 ( Full-featured Shunt trip ) are not compatible with Pilot Cluster C07.  The Fault indicator pilot on C07 is controlled by the ATS22 trip status relay output.  When a shunt trip power circuit is used, the ATS22 trip status relay controls the shunt trip and therefore is not available for pilot light control.  In a fault condition, the shunt trip will interrupt power at the main disconnect and all indicator lights will be out.