Are the shafts a necessary component on the GS2 Disconnect switches?


28 September 2021

When mounting a GS2 disconnect switch in a panel, are the shafts a necessary component in the disconnect process or can they be bypassed by directly mounting the handle to the disconnect?

Product Line: 
Operating Mechanisms and Disconnect Switches

Unique to the GS1 & GS2 UL98 IEC Style  Disconnect Switches 



In the case of a GS2 disconnect switch, it is crucial that the shaft is assembled with the appropriate handle in conjunction with  a through-the-door means of operation( enclosure). It is important that these components are incorporated due to the nature of the disconnect. The shaft and handle mechanism were designed as a means to safely disconnect the power  protecting the operator from short circuit currents and potential explosions. In addition, without the shaft and handle or the enclosure the device loses its UL listing/certification.