Where is the coil voltage or coil voltage code located on the LC1D09-D32 contactors?


28 September 2021

Where to find the coil voltage on the LC1D09-D32 contactors?

Product Line:
IEC Contactors

Tesys D line contactors

Locating the coil voltage or voltage code on a d line contactor
For the AC voltage, the voltage and voltage code can be found on the top of the contactor, behind the
L1 L2 and L3 terminals facing the front of the contactor, it will either be blue or white and will have
the coil voltage listed.  For example G7 120V 60/50HZ.

For DC voltage it will be listed on the front of the contactor, in the lower left corner,
next to the #14 NO screw terminal. For example: 24VDC