Is there an additional light diffuser available for XVB and XVD illuminated Tower Beacons


30 September 2021

Yes, the light diffuser, part number XVBZ18 (consisting of two half-cylinders) can be placed in the illuminated lens unit so as to create a new light prism.
The assembly offers more diffuse light, thus enhancing visual comfort. It can also be used with illuminated lens units with flashing LEDs.

Caution! The XVBZ18 diffuser cannot be fitted on:

  • Incandescent bulbs (because of the heat released)
  • Flash discharge tubes (XVBC6, XVBC8 and XVDC6)
  • XVBL, XVDL3 and XVDL4 beacons
  • It is also incompatible with the whole range of XVP and XVE indicator banks and beacons

Compatible products on which the diffuser can be fitted are:
  • XVB illuminated lens unit with built-in LED
  • XVB beacon with built-in LED
  • XVD indicator bank with pre-wired LED
  • XVB and XVD LED bulb with BA15d base fitting

The diffuser is fitted as standard to built-in LED illuminated lens units part number XVBC2B*D (where * is the lens colour)