Where can I find instructions for ATV12 drive basic programming?


28 September 2021

Is there a basic programming for the ATV12 drive?

Product line:
Altivar 12

All models, all serial numbers
Basic Programming for the ATV12 drive
Enter and scroll down to CONF.

CONF Menu:
ACC Acceleration
DEC Deceleration
LSP Low Speed (0-60Hz)
HSP High Speed 

Scroll down to FULL and press Enter.

DRC Menu:
(Set using motor's nameplate data)
BFR Standard Motor frequency (usually 60Hz)
UNS Rated Motor Voltage
FRS Rated Motor Frequency (usually 60Hz)
NCR Rated Motor Current (motor's FLA)
NSP Rated Motor Speed (in rpm's)
TFR Max Frequency (usually 60Hz)
CTT Motor control type

FUN Menu:
RRS Reverse assign
  CLI- (submenu)
  CLI Current limitation (120% of FLA for variable torque, 150% of FLA for constant torque)

I-0 Menu:
TCC 2/3 wire type (2C or 3C)
TCT 2 wire type control (LEL, trn, PFO)

FLT Menu:
Select tHt and press Enter
ITH Motor Thermal (match FLA)

Refer to the ATV12 Programming Manual BBV28581 or Getting Started with ATV12 S1A5614603 for further details.