What Wiser device should be used to control and monitor a water heater?


10 March 2022

Help with product selection for a Wiser device to control a water heater

Product Line:
Wiser Home Management System (EER series USA model only)

Residential home

Product selection question

Depending on the situation, water heater control could be done with one of 4 Devices:  Large Load Controller (EER260LLCR),  30 Amp Load Control Relay (EER42200), 5 Amp Load Control Relay (EER42300), or 15 Amp Smart Plug (EER40200 or EER41200)
For a water heater with a gas burner heating element, the electrical controls circuit will not draw much power.  It the control circuit is shut off, then the water heater will be shut down.  A 5 Amp Load Control Relay could be used.   If the controls connect directly into a 120V wall receptacle via a standard plug, the Wiser Smart Plug would be a good option.  

For a 120 volt electric heater, the Wiser 30 Amp Load Control Relay would be the best option.  

For a 240 volt electric water heater, the Wiser Large Load Controller is the recommended device.   2 pole breakers are available for the large load controller in 20,30,40,50, and 60 amps.  If power monitoring is desired with the Large Load Controller, then the Current Transformers (EER260LLCCT1, EER260LLCCT2) will have to be ordered separately