Video: How do you configure the ATV61 or ATV71 drives so that the F4 function key on the graphic keypad can activate Local control?


28 July 2022

ATV61/71 drives configuration for HMI F4 function key to be terminal keypad mode.

Product Line:
ATV61 and ATV71

All serial numbers

Need to control drive locally

The graphic keypad, part# VW3A1101, is required for this simple method of toggling between Local and Remote control modes.  In Local mode, the keypad RUN/STOP keys control start and stop, while the dial adjusts the speed reference.

For the ATV61, the keypad F4 key is assigned to T/K as factory default. Verify the T/K function by looking in the keypad display, just above the F4 key. Press F4 to toggle between Local and Remote control modes. The active mode is shown in the display upper right corner: LOC or REM.
If the F4 key is not assigned to T/K, then follow the procedure for an ATV71, below. 

For the ATV71, the keypad F4 key needs to be assigned to T/K.
Under the MAIN MENU, select DRIVE MENU and then 1.6 COMMAND.
Scroll down and select F4 Key Assignment and set it to T/K.  ESC back to normal display.
Now pressing the F4 key will toggle between Local and Remote modes.  The active mode can be verified in 1.2 MONITORING.  You will also notice either "LOC" or "REM" in the Parameter Bar at the top of the keypad display.