Can the ATS22 operate at 50 deg C temperatures?


07 April 2022

Operating temperature range for the Altistart 22

Product Line:
ATS22, Altistart 22

All models, all serial numbers.

high or low ambient temperatures.

The standard current ratings for the ATS22 is based on an ambient temperature of 40C (104F).  

The minimum operating temperature is -10C (14F).  The maximum operating temperature is 60C (140F).
When operating above 40C (104F), the softstart needs to be derated by 2.2% for every degree Celsius above 40C (104F).

For example:  ATS22D32S6U is 32A rated.  For an ambient temperature of 50C (122F), derating is 22% (2.2 x 10).  The 32A softstart rating becomes 24.96A (32A x 0.78 = 24.96).