Do I need internet to use my Wiser thermostat?


29 September 2021

Customer does not have internet service in the home, but wants to use a Schneider Electric Wiser Thermostat.   Another possible issue is that customer has internet, but does not have a Wiser Gateway Device.
Product Line:
Wiser Home Management System (version 1 EER series USA only)
Wiser Thermostats, EER56000, EER56100, EER58000
Internet service is not available.
Wiser thermostats are intended to have internet access.  However, these thermostats can control an HVAC system as a standalone device with no internet connection.   Without internet connections, features such as scheduling and setpoints must be programmed through the thermostat keypad and LCD screen.     

****   A Wiser Coordinator (EER21200) is required to link the Thermostats (EER56000, EER56100, EER58000) to the internet.  ****