What causes an OL2 fault on the ATV21 and ATV212 drives?


06 June 2023

What is an OL2 fault indicate on the Altivar ATV21 and ATV212 drives?

Product Line:
Altivar ATV21 and ATV212


Motor Overload

OL2 indicates the drive is detecting a Motor Overload fault.
This will happen when the motor current exceeds the level programmed in the tHr parameter (works the same as a motor overload relay on a motor starter).

High current can be caused by:

  • Excessive load applied to the motor (motor is too small for the load).
  • Motor is jammed or stuck (locked rotor condition).
  • Motor is running a low speed for a long time (reduces the cooling of the fan on the motor).
  • Incorrect setting of the Pt (Motor Control Mode) parameter.
  • Motor wear and winding issue.
  • Application issue.

  • Make sure your drive and motor are sized correctly for your application
  • Ensure there is nothing jamming the motor
  • Verify parameter AU1 (Auto Ramp Adapt) is set to 0 [disabled].  The factory default setting is 1 [enabled]
  • Double-check your drive's parameters, particularly tHr (motor thermal protection), ensure the motor's nameplate data is entered correctly
             screen shot
  • Set Output Phase Loss (F605=0) and run the drive 'open circuit' with the motor disconnected to test the drive. Run the drive at 20Hz, 40Hz, and 60Hz. If the drive doesn't fault, the issue is likely with the motor/application
  • Per the Programming Manual approximately 120s is required to allow for reset.  
  • Test your motor with a 1000V Megger to find any issues with the motor windings/insulation