Video: How to modify the ION Setup startup type?


28 September 2021

ION Setup will not display the ION Setup system log on screen. This screen prompts the user for the User Name and Password, and the option to enter ION Setup in either Network Mode, or Single ION Device Configuration Mode. This screen is bypassed and either goes directly to Network Mode or Single ION Device Configuration Mode.

Product Line
ION Setup 3.0

ION Setup Start Page

When ION Setup Starts for the first time, the User Profiler screen appears asking the user to select the type of user that best describes them.

If "First Time User" is selected, ION Setup will only enter the Network Mode. Single ION Device Configuration Mode is not available.

If "Metershop Technician" is selected, ION Setup will only allow them to enter the Single ION Device Configuration Mode.

If "Power User" is selected, the ION Setup System Log On screen appears as normal.

The issue occurs when someone who selected "Metershop Technician" is trying to configure a meter that is attached to an Ethernet Gateway. This can only be done using Network Mode, which is unavailable to this user.

Resolution #1:

1. Start ION Setup. If it starts in Single Device mode, you must first connect to the device (or select an offline meter firmware).

2. Click Tools > Options.

3. Click the View tab.

4. Select the Power User Mode. This setting displays the login screen each time you start ION Setup.


Resolution #2:

To change the User Profile without connecting to a device in ION Setup, the IONSetup.ini file will need to be modified.
This file can be found in C:\ProgramData\Schneider Electric\ION Setup.

Open the IONSetup.ini and find the line "UserType="

UserType=1 is "First Time User"
UserType=2 is "Metershop Technician"
UserType=3 is "Power User"

Change and save the value to UserType=3. Now when ION Setup starts, it will display the ION Setup System Log On screen.