How can you break down the ETA status word 3201 on the ATV61 and ATV71 drives?


05 May 2022

Break down of ETA  status word 3201 on the ATV61/ATV71 drives

Product Line:
Alitvar ATV61 and ATV71

With Profibus option card

Needs to know the bit breakdown for the ETA status word.

ETA status word for Word 3201
bit 0= Reserved
bit 1= Ready
bit 2= Running
bit 3= Fault
bit 4= Power section line supply present
bit 5= Reserved
bit 6= Reserved
bit 7= Alarm
bit 8= Reserved
bit 9= Command or Ref via network
bit 10= Referenced reached
bit 11= Reference outside of limit
bit 12= Reserved
bit 13= Reserved
bit 14= Stop via Keypad stop button
bit 15= Direction of motor  1=reverse 0=forward.