Why is the IP address resetting back to all zeros when I power cycle the ATV71 with an VW3A3316 ethernet IP card?


02 November 2022

ATV71 drive equipped with VW3A3316 Ethernet IP card.  The IP address and Subnet mask return to when power is cycled.  IP mode is set to Fixed.

Product Line:
Altivar 61 and Altivar 71 series drives

All models that are equipped with option card VW3A3316 Ethernet IP Card, All serial numbers.

IP address and Subnet Mask address should persist through a power cycle when IP Mode is set to fixed, but they reset to after a power cycle.

If parameter Forced Local Assignment is assigned to a logic input and is active, this can cause the IP address and subnet mask to be reset to factory default of when power is cycled.  Insure that this parameter under menu 1.9, Communications, is not assigned to a logic input when using the VW3A3316 option card.