How can I increase the starting torque of an ATV61 drive?


08 March 2022

Increasing starting torque of an ATV61 drive

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The ATV61 motor is struggling to start, and there is not enough torque to move the load.
Load requires more torque to start than the factory configuration of the drive can provide.

The starting torque of the ATV61 series drive can be increased to an extent.  Please note that the ATV61 drive is a Variable Torque drive and is designed for use on centrifugal pumps and fans.  It should not be used on constant torque applications such as conveyor belts, grinders, or crushers as it is not designed to provide high torque at low speeds.  The ATV71 series is the constant torque version of the ATV61 drive and is designed for use on these constant torque applications.  It can provide full motor torque regardless of motor speed.

To increase the low speed torque of an ATV61, you must first make sure that the parameter MOTOR CONTROL TYPE (CTT) under menu 1.4, MOTOR CONTROL is NOT set to V/F 2pts, V/F Quad, or V/F 5pts.  SVCV or SVCI is recommended as the motor control type as both of these settings are of a torque monitoring type.
Once CTT is set properly, you can adjust parameter IR COMPENSATION (UFR) under menu 1.3, SETTINGS.   The factory default of this setting is 100%.   ANY ADJUSTMENT TO THIS SETTING SHOULD BE SMALL.  Do not adjust this parameter upward more than 5% at a time.    If this parameter is adjusted too high, it can cause erratic operation of your motor including running in reverse.  Make small adjustments and only adjust upward as much as necessary.