Can the LTMR with a LTMEV40 do the same monitoring and communication as the Symcom 777 (motorsaver) relay?


28 September 2021

Does the LTMR provide the same protection as a SymCom777 relay?

Product Line:
LTMR, Tesys T, Motor Management System, Overload relay

The LTMR100MFM + LTMEV40 combination can do all that the SymCom777 can do and more.  The communications on the LTMR***MFM is Modbus RTU over RS485 cabling.

There are however a couple of caveats.

The 777 is self powered off of the voltage sensing inputs, the LTMR has to be powered separately via the A1/A2 terminals.

The 777 can be programmed via the knobs and display on the front panel, the LTMR requires either a LTMCU display/programmer (and cable) or a PC with software to be programmed.

If they are doing network communications, the register map of the 777 is different than the LTMR. If they already have one or the other, the programming of the PLC will have to be changed.