What is the function of an SDX switch?


27 March 2023

What is the function of the SDX relay module for PowerPact H J and L circuit breakers?

Product Line:
Circuit Breakers

PowerPact H, J, and L circuit breakers with advanced Micrologic trip units

Circuit breakers equipped with Micrologic 3, 5, and 6 trip units can take the optional SDx Module.
The SDx Module receives data from the trip unit through a fiber optic link.

Default alarms are as follows
• Micrologic 5 trip unit:
— Output 1 is the thermal fault indication (SDT).
— Output 2 is the long-time pre-alarm (PAL Ir).
• Micrologic 6 trip unit:
— Output 1 is the thermal fault indication (SDT) for electrical distribution applications.
— Output 1 is None for motor-feeder applications.
— Output 2 is the ground-fault indication (SDG).
• For Micrologic 3 trip units, the SDx is non-configurable and indicates thermal trip alarm

• For Micrologic 5 and 6, SDx can be configured for different alarms.
Note that the SDX can be used for ground fault alarm on non-configurable 6 (LSIG) trip units, but it will not provide ground fault alarm on a Micrologic 5 (LSI) trip unit.  Therefore, GF alarm without tripping is not possible.
All alarms on a trip, failure, and maintenance event and all alarms associated with a measurement previously activated in the Alarms tab can be assigned to an SDx Module output.
 For complete list, refer to Alarms section of  manual 48940-312-01 .