What does a PHF or phase loss fault mean on an ATV312 drive?


15 June 2022

Why PHF is displayed on ATV312/ATV31 drives?

Product Line:
Altivar 312 - ATV312
Altivar 31 - ATV31


Loss of input voltage on LI1, LI2 or LI3


  • Check for phase loss or phase imbalance.
  • Check the Line voltage power, input connections and or fuses.
  • Check to see if you use single phase on the input on the drive.
  • Reset the drive.
  • Disable the detection by setting input phase loss to "No." (IPL parameter is found in the FLt menu and can be changed if the drive is not running) Then run and check current on each phase to be sure it is balanced (for 3 phase power).
  • If single phase input voltage, set IPL to NO