Altivar 61/71: How to perform a voltage balance test


03 June 2022

ATV61/71 - voltage balance test

Product line:
Altivar 61
Altivar 71

All models, all serial numbers

Test to determine if the drive output voltage is balanced.
This is a voltage balance test.  It tests the drive output voltage for balanced voltage between the three phases.  If the output voltage is evenly balanced the drive is deemed to be good and the problem is in the motor or motor wiring.

1  You must disconnect the motor from the drive.

2.  Set parameter "Output Phase Loss" to no.

     a. Enter the "Drive" menu

     b. Scroll down to menu 1.8 Fault Management and press enter

     c. Scroll down the "OUTPUT PHASE LOSS" and press enter

     d. Press enter again on "Output Phase Loss"

     e. Assign to "No" (you will see the checkmark to the right).

     f.  Press "ESC" out to "Drive Menu"

3.  Make sure the drive is in V/F 2pts mode.
     a.  Menu 1.4 Motor control -

     b.  change [motor control type] to VF2pts.

4. Run the drive at  low (20 Hz), medium (40 Hz) and high (60 Hz) speeds.  With a True RMS volt meter measure the voltage between all three phases (T1 to T2, T1 to T3 and T2 to T3) at each speed.  All measurements should be balanced within a volt or two for a given speed.

If voltages are balanced, the IGBT's in the drive are operating properly.