Video: How is standard basic programming performed on an ATS48?


03 May 2022

How is an ATS48 set up for basic programming?

Product line:
Altistart 48

All models, all serial numbers

Basic programming set up for the ATS48 soft starters.

SET menu:
IN= FLA motor amps
ACC= acceleration
STY= type of stop (f=freewheel, d=ramp stop, b=intel braking)
DEC= deceleration [only appears if Sty= d (ramp stop)]
ILT=current limit 400%  or 4X your motor current is default value.

DRC menu:
CLP= Off (Torque Control).  This is important if the ACC/DEC times have to be followed exactly.

Refer to the ATS48 User Manual for any further details. 

The following video demonstrates this initial setup procedure: