Where can the serial number, Chassis number and FO (Factory Order) or Q2C number be found on an enclosed S-Flex drive?


18 May 2022

Where can the Serial number, Chassis number and FO/Q2C number be found on an enclosed S-Flex drive?

Product Line:
Altivar 21, Altivar 212, ATV21, ATV212, S-Flex.

All models, All serial numbers.

Warranty card data registration

The Chassis serial number is located on a white sticker inside of the plastic door of the Power Converter (see photo attached)

The Drive serial number is on the right hand side of the Power Converter itself.  The Serial number is shown underneath the bar code.

The Q2C number is on the metal nameplate, inside the door of the enclosure.  Just over halfway down the nameplate is a box with Q2C Code/FO Number.  This field may be blank, or say WAREHOUSE.  (See photo attached).