Video: Programming the ATV312 for terminal start stop & speed control via the VW3A1101 remote keypad display or the local dial on the front of the drive.


08 June 2022

How to set up an ATV312 to start/stop with terminals and use the remote keypad as speed reference or the knob on the drive?  

Product line:
Altivar ATV312 

All models, all serial numbers 

Starting and stopping the drive with +24v and LI1 FWD and using the remote keypad's knob (or the knob on the front of the drive) as speed control. 

Hold the MOD button until you see the 3 LEDs on the left of the drive's display start scrolling (flash in sequence).
The drive is now in local mode. You can not do any programming in this mode. 
Now you will need to hold the ESC button for 3 seconds unit you see the same LED's now flash all together at the same time.
The drive is now in local/ programming mode. 
Push the enter (press the dial once). 
Scroll down (turn the dial clockwise) to the CTL menu and press enter
Scroll down to LAC and press enter
Set LAC to L3 or level 3 (you must hold enter for 3 seconds for the change to save), press ESC
Scroll down to FR1
Set FR1 to A1U1 
Scroll down to CHCF 
Set CHCF to SEP 
Scroll down to CD1 
Set CD1 to tEr for terminal control 
Once you are done programming, press the ESC button several times, until the drive displays rdy.
Next you will need to put the drive back in Local run mode by holding the ESC button again for 3 seconds until you see the 3 LED's scroll.
Now you can start the drive in 2 wire control by closing LI1 to +24vdc and use the remote HMIs dial for speed control. 

This procedure also sets up the drive to adjust the speed from the dial or knob on the front of the drive if the remote keypad is not used.

Refer to the ATV312 programming manual for additional details.  Link here: