On the enclosed E-Flex drives why is the yellow fault LED turned on all the time when the drive is not running or when its in bypass mode?


29 August 2022

Yellow fault led is illuminated on the front cabinet when the drive is not running and when the motor is running in bypass mode.

Product Line:  
ATV61 E-flex enclosed systems.

All E-flex systems with Modification B09 , All serial numbers.

Line side isolation contactor (modification B09) remains open until a run command is issued.  This is by design.

This is normal Operation for an E-flex system equipped with a Line Side Isolation contactor.  The fault indicator lamp is controlled via the R1 fault relay in the drive.  This is a active low fault indication so the lamp will be powered any time the relay is not energized.  The drive is not powered until a run command is issued.  Once the run command is issued, the Line Side Isolation Contactor closes, providing power to the drive and the fault indication lamp.   The drive must fully boot and sense that no fault is present before it will power the fault relay. This takes a few seconds from the time the drive is powered and during that time, the fault indicator lamp will be lit.
Refer to the E-Flex instruction manual 30072-451-51D wiring diagrams page 80.