How to set up the basic PID control on the ATV61 or ATV71 drives?


28 June 2022

PID setup for the ATV61 or ATV71 drives.

Product line:
ATV61 and ATV71

All models, all serial numbers

PID set up to maintain pressure control with a fixed pressure set point

1.7 Application function menu -> PID regulator

PID feedback assign(PIF)= signal for the PID loop feedback
Min PID feedback(PIF1)= 0 (example only)
Min range of PID signal
Max PID feedback(PIF2)= 1000 (example only)
Max range of PID signal
Min PID reference(PIP1)= 100 (example only)
Min range of PID window
Max PID reference(PIP2)= 900 (example only)
Max range of PID window
Act. internal PID ref(PII)= Yes set point is from internal PID ref(rPI)
Internal PID set point
PID Prop. gain(rPG)= 0.75 (example only)
PID Loop response
PID integral gain(rIG)= 0.1 (example only)
PID Loop response
PID ramp(PrP)= 6 seconds (example only)
Auto/Manual Assign(PAU)
Switch to and from PID mode
Acceleration 2(AC2)= 5 seconds factory default
Acceleration before the VFD enters the PID window
Manual reference(PIn)
Speed reference when Auto/Manual assign(PAU) input is active  

ATV61_Programming manual