Where can I find information on basic programming for an ATV31 or ATV312?


16 March 2022

What programming typically needs adjusting when installing an ATV31 or ATV312 drive?

Product line:
Altivar 31
Altivar 312

All models, all serial numbers
For most ATV31 and ATV312 installations, the following parameters may need to be set.  Actual values used will depend on the application requirements. 
Consult the appropriate programming manual for details.
ATV31 drives have up and down arrows that are used to navigate and change values. 
The ATV312 has a dial that is used for the same function.  Pressing in on the dial is how you enter a parameter and how you save it to memory.

DRC Menu  
Parameter     Description                            Comments
BFR              Standard Motor frequency     Set to 50Hz or 60 Hz depending on  motor info
UNS              Rated Motor Voltage             Set to motor voltage
FRS              Rated Motor Frequency         Set to motor frequency - usually identical to BFR
NCR             Rated Motor Current  (FLA)   Set to motor FLA
NSP             Rated Motor Speed  (RPM)    Set to motor RPM
TFR             Max Frequency                       Sets maximum value for HSP, also used to scale the analog output when set to output frequency.  Typically set to match motor frequency.
UFT             Motor control type                    Sets how the drive controls the motor.  Most applications will work fine with default of n: Sensorless Vector.  
SET Menu    
Parameter     Description                            Comments    
ACC              Acceleration                           Time in seconds to ramp the motor from a stop to the FRS (Motor frequency)
DEC              Deceleration                           Time in seconds to ramp the motor from FRS to a stop
LSP               Low Speed                             Minimum speed in Hz that the motor will run (can not be set above the HSP setting)
HSP              High Speed                            Maximum speed in Hz that the motor will run (can not be set below LSP or above TFR)
ITH               Motor Thermal  (FLA)             Setting for the overload protection of the motor.  Usually set to the motor FLA.  Could be set higher if operation within the Service Factor is desired.
UFR             Voltage boost                          Provides additional voltage at low speeds.  Can improve start when dealing with high inertial loads
CLI               Current limitation                    Sets the Maximum current the drive will allow to go to the motor in normal operating conditions
IO Menu  
Parameter     Description                            Comments      
TCC              2/3 wire type                          Determines how the drive start/stop function will behave and what terminals are used.
TCT               2 wire type                             When in 2 wire control (TCC=2C) this parameter determines how the start command is issued.  When set to trn (Default) the start will only happen on the off to on transition of the run signal
RRS              Reverse assign                      Sets a Logic input to command Reverse direction.  Default is LI2.
R2                Relay 2 assignment                Sets the behavior of the R2 relay.  Default is NO.  Typically changed to RUN to provide running status.

ATV31 Programming manual   
ATV312 Programming manual