Video: How can you program the ATV312 to use the local knob or remote HMI dial for speed control and terminal control for starting and stopping?


10 June 2022

Setup a 2 wire control to start and stop the drive but use the local knob to control the speed on the ATV312 drive.

Product Line:
Altivar 312

All models, all serial numbers   

Programming to do mixed controls start with terminals and local speed control.


The drive comes from the factory in remote mode which means start/stop and speed reference come from the terminals. 

To set up the drive to adjust the speed and stop/start via the remote LCD keypad do the following:

*Please note:  The text within [brackets] indicates what is shown on the remote LCD keypad. And "press enter" means to push in on the dial on the face of the drive.

1. Put the drive into Local mode: Press and hold the mode key for 3 seconds until 'LOC' displays. When you release the button, the (LED's flash in sequence. Indicates that the drive is in "local mode")
2. Put the drive into Programming Mode: Press and hold the ESC key for 2 seconds (LED's flash all together. This indicates the drive is in "local programming mode")
3. Press enter, scroll to CtL [COMMAND]
4. Set your access level: Press enter, scroll to 'LAC' [ACCESS LEVEL], scroll to L3, press enter and hold for 3 seconds, press ESC
5. Set the speed reference: Scroll to Fr1 [Ref 1 Channel], scroll to A1U1 [AI virtual], press enter, then ESC
6. Set separate controls: Scroll to CHCF [Profile], press enter, Scroll to SEP [Separate], press enter, then ESC 
7. Set the command (start/stop) input: Scroll to Cd1 [Cmd channel 1], press enter
  • If the remote LCD keypad is being used for the stop/start command set the value to LCC then press enter,
  • If the stop/start buttons on drive are being used, then set the value to LOC then press enter
  • If the stop/start is being controlled by the terminals, then set this value to tEr (TER),
8. Press ESC 3 times (back to RdY)  (LED's flash all together. This indicates that the drive is in "local programming mode")
9. Press and hold the ESC key for 2 seconds.  (LED's flash in sequence. This indicates that the drive is in "local mode") The drive can now be controlled in local mode, either using the controls directly on the drive or with the remote LCD keypad.

*Please note: These parameters will be lost if the mode button is used to send the drive is put back to remote mode.