When replacing and ATV66 with a ATV61/71, what are the control wiring considerations?


10 June 2022

Control wiring considerations when replacing an ATV66 with a ATV61/71

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Altivar 66

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Replacing drives.

When converting the wiring to the Altivar 61/71 drive, discard the wires on CL1 and CL2 (ATV66) , not used on the ATV61/71.
Also the run permissive and run forward are swapped around, between the ATV66 and ATV61/71.
ATV66:        LI1 = run permissive and LI2 = run forward
ATV61/71:   LI1 = run forward and LI2 = run permissive (nSt)  (run permissive, if used assign freewheel stop nSt (Fun Menu 1.7) to LI2))
Most other terminations will be the same.